Rosewood Bermuda

  • Location: Tucker’s Point, Bermuda
  • Scope of work: Guest Rooms & Suites, Lobby, Conservatory, Bar, and Lobby Furniture
  • Designer: DDA & AWI

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  • Andrea Sheehan, Principal, DDA,
    We were hired to create an experience that would evolve the hotel from that of a conservative and retirement destination to a more socially charged, fresher and more contemporary outlook and attitude. The next generation Bermuda. Still classic and elegant, but with a more youthful and lighter energy and aesthetic that celebrated the islands rich indigenous culture and history. A look that would be more authentic to the local people and its art, instead of the very traditional English Colonial interiors that the island has been known for. We wanted to create a more personally curated experience, that would speak to our guests and reflect the genuine warmth and generous spirit of the Bermudian people. We wanted to layer in small poignant details and special ‘moments’ artfully created to engage our guests as they explore and discover the hidden treasures of this amazing property.
    Working with C2C was a good experience. Almost every item was custom designed and thus the quality of the detailing was essential. I traveled to Vietnam and reviewed the products being fabricated firsthand and their team made sure that all my recommendations were fulfilled. Their team was professional, easy to work with and service orientated. The timeline for delivery was very intense and most companies would not have been able to deliver under this pressure. C2C hit all the dates and the product was beautiful. We work with many companies producing products in Asia. C2C has a full team on the ground tracking the quality and production on a daily basis. This is essential especially on luxury level hotels where the quality is expressed in the finishes and eye for detail.


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