The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Fort Lauderdale

  • Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Scope of work: Guest Rooms casegoods
  • Designer: Rottet Studios

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  • Anja Majkic, Design Director/Associate Principal, Rottet Studios
    Taking advantage of the city’s history as a military base in WWII and the idea that it is the largest yacht city in the United States, the design team created a space that offers the best of both worlds—historic aviation and lively maritime.
    Each of the 200 keys were designed to feel clean and bright with an emphasis on the hotel’s uncompromising views. Every room includes strategically placed mirrors to ensure a beach, canal or island view is possible from multiple vantage points from the interior space to not lose sight of the sky or sea.
    We had a wonderful collaboration with C2C. They ensure quality in their furniture pieces while maintaining our design goals. C2C was remarkably good in overcoming challenges of the existing building renovation and installation.


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